Settle Scramble


L = left R = right F.P. = Footpath
B.W. = Bridleway L/S = Ladder Stile G = Gate

Leave school through main gate. R along road, bearing R at junction. Follow path past residential home then cross road to head up Cammock Lane. Go under railway bridge up to main road junction. Cross with care and continue in same direction down Ingfield Lane. Pass entrance to Greenfoot car park, shortly locating F.P. sign (Mearbeck) on R. (82 1633). Turn R down this walled lane and follow for 0.75 mile to junction with metalled track.

CHECKPOINT 1. (818621). 1.3 MILES

Turn L uphill climbing to pass Lodge Farm on your R. Just beyond the farm, take the L fork and continue for 100yds to next fork. At this point, bear slightly R up grassy track to LIS in 30 yards. Climb and continue ahead on good track to reach next L/S/G. Climb and continue on walled lane to reach next G and F.P. sign. (Ignore this).

Through G and continue ahead towards trees, keeping on track with wall on your L Follow this wide track, passing the small plantation on the R. 50 yards beyond the plantation turn R at B.W. sign "Lambert Lane". Follow this lane, taking the L fork when it divides. Carry on to road in 800 yards. (83463l). At road turn R for 80 yards, then, L at B.W. sign "Malham". Follow this tarmac road, until on the point of second bend locate L/S. Climb, taking path close to wall F.P. "Attermire Scar". Follow path over brow of hillock ahead. The path follows the valley between the two large mounds. to reach metal gate. Pass through and go down the centre of this narrow field to find a gap in the wall at bottom. Go through bottom of gap and continue in the same direction and in 50 yards climb step stile not gate Turn R, following track with wall on R. and after 200 yards pass through gap in wall. Turn L and follow track uphill with wall on your L. On reaching top of the incline join main green path slightly to the R. Continue ahead on grassy track to eventually come alongside a wall on your L Continue ahead through gate to track below the entrance to Victoria Cave.

CHECKPOINT 2 (837651) 4.2 MILES

Continue in same direction on track going through gate to meet wide access track. Turn R and continue with wall on your L, on good track passing a wood over to your L to reach L/S/G. Climb and continue alongside a wall for a further 250 yards to a point where the track swings slightly R away from the wall. Follow this good track, which twists but maintains similar direction to next L/S/G. (856658). Climb and continue on track S.E. to next L/S/G. About 80 yards after the wall, leave the main track bearing half left indicated by tiny cairn, approx N.E to L/S/G visible in wall on skyline, if clear. Pass over stile and continue in same general direction, moving slightly R as you climb the small rise in front of you. As Malham Tam appears in the distance, head towards the centre of it, passing through a broken wall to descend to a wall on your L. Follow this wall down to a G/S. Climb then follow faint path which skirts around the base of the hill on your R, for about 200 yards. At this point look across to locate a line of electric pylons. Your path, rather indistinct at times, goes slightly L of the mound in the field in front of you, crossing a stream, and under the cables and around the back of the mound. After passing the mound, locate a small handgate in fence. Pass through it and cross field in an easterly direction to gate and road.

CHECKPOINT 3. (879663). 7.5 MILES

At road turn L signed "Langcliffe/Settle" and follow with care, past Capon Hall, for 1.5 miles to second road junction.

CHECKPOINT 4. (857673). 9 MILES

Locate step stile on R behind road sign. Climb and go forward. After 100yds head slightly Ron a bearing of 76 degrees on good grassy track to find a ladder stile in wall, just visible below skyline. Climb L/S and follow path heading for the large limestone outcrop on the skyline, a bearing of 75 degrees. On approaching the outcrop, pass over at the L hand end. Continue in the same direction to reach a wall, with Malham Tarn in the distance. At the wall turn L to follow good track with wall on R. On reaching a large cairn, track swings slightly L and downhill to L/S at wall ahead. Climb and go ahead across field to another L/S. Climb and continue ahead with wall on your L to handgate in next wall. At this point, DO NOT walk down the small dry valley ahead, but keep L of it, bearing slightly L across the next field to wall as a guide head towards a solitary tree in the far distance, and you will find a step stile in the wall. Go through it and in 100 yards pass through gateway in wire fence. Again do not drop into the valley on your R but continue across field N.E. swinging slightly L to reach gate and road.

CHECKPOINT 5. (884692). 11.25 MILES

Turn L up road and immediately L, taking farm access track (Tennant Gill). From here follow Pennine Way, over Fountains Fell to stile at wall.

CHECKPOINT 6. (868720). 13.7 MILES

Stay on Pennine Way, descending down off Fountains Fell on well defined track to road.

CHECKPOINT 7. (853723). 14.8 MILES

Turn L on road and walk for 0.75 miles until on reaching cattle grid, locate S.P. "Pennine Way" ". Turn R here following lane past Dalehead Farm on your L. Go through two G. Continue on this track uphill and when the track forks, bear L signposted "Helwith Bridge". Follow this good bridleway, ignoring all turn offs. The route follows "Long Lane" for approx 2 miles until you meet the road. Cross carefully taking Austwick road, over river to checkpoint.

CHECKPOINT 8. (811695). 18.2 MILES

Follow this minor road and follow for 0.75 miles and then locate walled lane on L. Follow this track for 50 yards, turning R through gate, then follow grassy track ahead, slightly L of telegraph posts, to reach an old walled lane ahead near trees. Follow this lane to reach a wooden gate. Pass through then straight ahead on stony track, passing Lower Bark Farm on your R and continue on, up this track passing a barn on your R and later Higher Bark House. The track then swings L uphill to a metal gate. Pass through and continue on grassy hardcore track down to Feizor. Pass through village, now on metalled road to its centre and locate F.P. sign "Stackhouse" on L near open space.

CHECKPOINT 9. (789676). 20.5 MILES

Take track to Stackhouse passing through a wooden gate to continue on stony track with wall on your L. The track swings away from the wall but soon drifts back to it. Follow track by wall again and as the wall terminates on the L continue ahead. On reaching a signpost carry on ahead uphill slightly, a bearing of 134 degrees to reach a wall and L/S/G. Climb and continue ahead, keeping close to the wall which soon appears on your R. Drop down to a gate, passing through it and carry on ahead on grassy track to reach next gate. Again pass through, but in 15 yards go R through gateway, then immediately L, walking down with wall on L to reach next gate. Continue downhill on track through limestone outcrops twisting to L before descending to wall. Pass through a gateway ahead, ignoring the gateway going uphill, and go across the field to climb L of 2 ladder stiles. At this point, go straight ahead and on reaching a steep bank, descend to signpost at bottom of bank. Turn R, signpost "Stackhouse Lane" and follow track under trees with wall on your L to reach step stile and road. TAKE CARE this road is narrow.

CHECKPOINT 10. (814653). 22.6 MILES

Turn R along this Lane to locate F.P. on L in approx 100yds. Cross field diagonally (Ribble Way) to follow footpath through fields, almost alongside River Ribble, to reach perimeter of school playing field. Follow good path here between river and playing field to reach main road. Turn L over River Bridge and immediately R (Kirkgate). Follow this road and after passing fire station on R Booths Supermarket comes into view. Walk through their car park and find gate next to Play Park into school and finish.