Samaritan Way

The walk being circular, anywhere maybe chosen as the start point. The route starting from Guisborough. Leaving Guisborough, follow the Whitby Road [A171]. See Butt Lane on your right, follow this lane up through the forest onto the open moor. Pick up a track that will take you across the moor to Commondale.

Walking down the hill into the village, turn right at the pub towards the railway station. At the top of the bank leading to the station turn left on a track leading past Cobble Hall and Box Hall, towards Castleton.

Going down the bank towards Castleton, take the signposted path on your left to Danby. On reaching Danby at crossroads turn right, walk up the road watch out for the left fork that will take you through Ainthorpe to Bramble Carr.

Take the sign-posted path south across the moor to Crossley House. From here follow the road past Stonebeck Gate Farm, taking the right fork past Fryup Hall to Wood End Farm.

Take the sign-posted bridlepath up the dale [keep the beck on your left] to Dale Head and up onto the escarpment to Glaisdale Moor. On the top turn right towards and passing Trough House until reaching the road. Turn left, then right on reaching the Rosedale Road. Lookout for a path on your left that will take you across to the Blakey Rigg Road.

Turn left and follow the road south passing the pub until reaching the Farndale Junction sharp right and follow the course that was once an old ironstone railway. Turn right above the Esklets, to follow a track down past some rubble that once was a farm. Continue following the beck [on your left] down the valley, {to} Waites House. Cross the beck at the water splash and passing Hill House up to your left, continue north across meadow land towards New House. On reaching the farm road turn right towards Westerdale.

Using the styles cross the fields at the rear of Hawthorne House back on to a metalled road just above Stocking House, look out for a small cairn on your left at which point you will turn and cross the moor following the cairn that mark the way across Little and Great Hograh Moors.

Turn right over the small footbridge, taking the path down to Shepherds [Low] House, continue to follow the road round to Baysdale Abbey. Climb the metalled road or take the path through the heather over and around into Park Dyke. Continue down the hill until reaching. the main road at the bottom, turn right into Kildale. Take the first left turn in the village, then the immediate next right fork, up the hill past Bankside Farm.

At the top of the hill turn left into the forest and follow the path up to Captain Cooks Monument, turning North go down to Gribdale Gate and following the Cleveland Way signs cross Great Ayton Moor to High cliff Nab. From here descend eastward down through the woods to Belmont Farm and finally Guisborough.