Nidd Vale Circuit

Follow Lofthouse village, go past village post office, up the road to Masham. TL at the bend along the track to Throp House Farm, at the farm TR through sheep pens past a barn to a gate go through TL to another gate TR following fence on RH past a wood on the RH all way up TL along the track up to a gate, continue up to a shooting box with Castle Type lowers, TL along the track to Dale Edge top and stay high all the way to (GR 084779). TR along a shooting track with Grouse Butts to the Boundary Fence cross at the corner. TL follow the fence to Great Haw, cross TR follow fence on RH to (GR 079809) TR, follow track to a disused mine shaft with fence around continue to cross hidden footbridge and go down to Bow Bridge and West Scrafton, TR after the gate, along the road at (GR 075838). TL along the Low Lane Track follow FP past a building on LH to a fence, cross, go down to a ditch cross, go up to the field bearing left and look for a new FB cross and continue to the road. TL past Lane House TR at St Simon's FP sign to East Scrafton, after 60yds TL through a gate, follow fence. TR through a gate then TL and follow the fence to (GR 091849) then go down to a FB, cross then look for a line of wooden steps to take you in to Calbergh Village. (this route to Slip Stone Cragg, is a difficult route, because the so called Footpath has been allowed to disappear).

At Calbergh Hall take the Red Way track (GR 096847) to Foss Rakes (GR 099831) at the point where the track bears left to a Shooting Box there is a sign saying no right of way do not go, head down into a gully on the left hand side of Scale Gill, continue along and below Calbergh Moor, crossing Blackstone Gill to Long Side (GR 129283), cross Brown Beck to track coming down from Slip Stone Crag and continue on to a metalled road to Gollinglith Foot and Phone Box, go over the footbridge TR, and follow the stream to a track TL and follow it past Spout House to Towler Hill Farm, at the farm go through the gate at the RH side of the building, follow the edge of the field to the corner. TR to a stile at the corner (GR 146794) with a gate, TL follow wall on the LH for a short while then TR across fence to the wall corner, cross stile to a line of trees, follow them on the LH down to High Sourmire Farm not in use. TR in front of the house past a building TL down to the corner of the wall and cross a stile then go down to Grimes Gill Beck, cross at the FB (which is hidden) then go up the hill to a gate continue on an go through two more gates, TR then TL to a gate then to a road and Cattle Grid (GR 143779). TR follow the road to West Summer Side Farm at second gate. TL then follow the line of trees to the corner at the farm house, then go through the gate and continue straight on down to gill beck which flows into Round Hill Reservoir. cross then go through the black gate TR on a shooting track to another. TR follow it for a short while to a boundary stone. TL down another track which take you past a wood (GR 135726), TR at (GR 135718) down to Bouthwaite TR along the Nidderdale Way to Longside House continue down to the road (GR 111726) TL then TL over stile follow river on the left to Lofthouse Village and FINISH.