Minster Way

From Beverley Minster the walk heads through the main pedestrian shopping centre and through the market to come out onto the A164 road for Scarborough. Continue along this road up to the cemetery before turning right along its edge, crossing an estate road and coming out onto a minor road that you go left along. Off to the right the path enters into open space between houses keeping to its left flank before going through another series of dwellings to finally come out into fields across to Molescroft Carr Farm.

Head north over Black Hill which incidently is flat to Leaconfield Low Parks and the edge of Leaconfield Airfield. The path picks up a railway line on the right and shortly after the Catchwater Drain on the left up to New Arram.

The way crosses the level crossing here and contiues north along the side of the track up to the next level crossing where it crosses again.

Follow the road through to Scorborough and the A164 again. Cross and take a path north west heading between Snowclose Plantation and another copse to its right before passing Hall Garth and its earthworks into Lockington.

The walk goes along the main road past the Post Office before turning right just after Holly Farm into Pit Lane. At the staggered junction continue straight on into Kilnwick and continue going straight through the village passing the church on the left and leaving the road at the 90° right hand bend.

The path heads for the west side of a small lake called Cawkeld Sinks before running along the northern end of Wedding Wood and passing Kilnwick New Farm on the left. The way then joins a minor road at a 90° bend. Go straight on and the road makes another 90° turn this time to the right passing between a series of farm buildings on either side. the path then leaves the road heading off left over farmland to meet up with Oldfield Lane a green lane that takes you to the B1248 and into Bainton.

Heading west out of Bainton the way keeps to a hedge line going west to North Dalton where you may be pleased to know there is a pub, the Star Inn overlooking the village pond and selling real ale!

Continuing west if you can out of North Dalton the hedge theme is here again following one on its north side over seven fields climbing all the time and including a short zig-zag crossing a bridle track between fields six and seven. At the end of field seven turn right to pass through Blanch Farm and utilising the farm road to get to a minor road. Turn left.

A short stretch on tarmac is needed before turning left again onto the Hawold Bridle Road another green track that takes you along Huggate Heads, past the heads of Keasey Dale and Well Dale and from Cobdale Cottage (don't know where Cobdale is?) takes you down into Nettle Dale to meet with the Wolds Way.

Heading south the two ways climb steeply up onto Cow Moor above Millington Dale before making a steep descent into and a not so steep ascent back out of Sylvan Dale onto Becks. The ways soon depart at Warren Farm with the Minster Way heading down into Millington via Millington Bottom.

The Balk is the name of the lane you take in a north westerly direction out of Millington climbing again and crossing a B road at the T junction onto the track to Little Givendale Farm passing it on the left before going into Given Dale itself.

From the village of Great Givendale the walk makes a northerly traverse above the West Pasture with extensive views across the Vale of York before dropping down to sample the delights of Bishop Wilton below.

Ascents and descents are now a thing of the past. This is flat land all the way to York. The two routes through Bishop Wilton don't go down the main street. I'd go down the main street as long as at the end you turn right up Thorny Lane like the other two do to take you on to Bray Gate and west again.

To avoid walking on tarmac all the way to Youlthorpe use is made of a couple of short paths off to the right. The walk doesn't enter Youlthorpe but does a zig-zag on "The Balk" the lane out to the A166. The path is straight forward from here to Full Sutton.

There's not alot to keep you in Full Sutton unless you're behind bars in Her Majesty's Prison which dominates the village. The Minster Way follows the road from Full Sutton past the prison and all the way into the centre of Stamford Bridge . Cross the bridge and join the River Derwent downstream to Kexby. Please note that during periods of heavy rain Stamford Bridge is known to flood!

The walk enters Kexby from the north turns right, goes past the hotel and immediately turns north again. Turning west the path runs along the southern edge of Millfield Wood before entering it completely. Emerging the other side keep on straight to arrive at and cross the A1079 (T) at Scoreby Lodge.

You're now on Kexby Stray which takes you past White Carr Farm, along Rabbit Warren Wood and on to Kexby Stray Farm where you turn right over Kexby Common to the B1228. Right to Gipsey Wood Farm and just beyond left to Gipsey Corner. The way sticks to the edge of the wood from Gipsey Corner taking an upside down v around Langwith Lodge to get to the corner of Long Lane and Langwith Stray.

Heading soutish along Langwith Sray the road arrives at Fir Tree Farm from where the path turns right along Heslington Tillmire to Heslington Common Golf Course. You need to go from the south eastern point of the common to the north western point to then enable you to cross over the busy A64 by way of the bridge.

Left at the bridge the route follows the A64 for a short distance before crossing fields to Germany Beck which it follows to the A19 at the southern end of Fulford on the outshirts of York. Head north on the left hand side of the road for a short distance before picking up a footpath sign leading towards the river. The walk follows the edge of the flood barrier then onto the bank of the River Ouse into York.

Continue along the river to meet the Foss Walk at the footbridge over the River Foss and on under the first major bridge. At Lendal Bridge the walk climbs a set of steps and turning right enters York city centre. Check out the flood levels on the wall of the King's Arms if you've got time. I think at this point its academic which way you go to get to the Minster just enjoy it.